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Query by Applicant Business Name

PLEASE NOTE: This search could take up to a minute. We recommend that you search by the Application Fee #, as this type of search provides quick results. CSLB is working to correct the length of time it takes to conduct a search.

Enter the Applicant's Business Name to check the status of the application.

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This search will return up to 25 names. If your search request results in more than 25 names you can click on the "next 25 names" link at the bottom of the page.

Type only the first 10 to 15 letters of the business name. If you do not find the license, type the business name again with 1 or 2 fewer characters.

If the business name begins with "The" or "A", do not type this initially. If you do not find the license, then try the search with "The" or "A" at the beginning of the business name.

Commas and periods are not used in the business name, but apostrophes are. For example: Al's Builders.

Spaces between initials matter. If the name has initials in it, type the initials first with a space between them, and then type the initials without a space between them. For example: "A B Smith Builders" and then " AB Smith Builders".

If you cannot find the license by using the business name, and it contains a first and last name, type the last name first. For example: If the name is "John Smith Construction" type "Smith John Con". If the name is "John A Smith Construction" type "Smith John A Co".

Please note: Our database is unavailable Sundays at 8PM through Monday at 6AM due to scheduled maintenance.