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Online Application System Launched for Public Works Contractors

A new online application is available for contractors who must be registered with the state Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) to verify that they meet the requirements to bid on California public works projects. The online features also provide agencies that oversee public works projects with a searchable database of qualified contractors.

Part of a new law that revised the bidding oversight and registration procedure (Senate Bill 854), effective July 1, 2014, DIR's program now covers all bond-funded and public works projects in the state rather than just selected processes. (The Labor Commissioner's Office, however, will continue to monitor and enforce prevailing wage requirements.)

Using the new online application process, public works contractors can create an account and complete forms. (An annual, nonrefundable $300 fee will be required as of March 1, 2015.) Contractors who bid on public works jobs must verify that they hold a CSLB-issued contractor license, maintain workers' compensation insurance coverage for all employees, and only hire subcontractors who are registered public works contractors.

In addition, licensed contractors must not have been barred from working on public works projects by the state or federal government, or owe delinquent wage or penalty assessments to employees or a public agency.

More information is available on DIR's website.

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