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Message From the Board Chair

Ed Lang

Working with strong and dedicated partners is vital to the success of any organization, including CSLB. During my time as a Board member, and now as the Board chair for the next year, I'm reminded about the importance of CSLB's partnerships with other groups that share our same visions and goals – and how we must continue to strengthen existing ties and forge new ones.

An example of CSLB's active alliances was on full display at our June Board meeting in Fairfield. In what has become an annual event, we met jointly with our counterparts to the east, the Nevada State Contractors Board, to discuss such mutual interest issues as problems that arise from the solar industry's continued rapid expansion, construction industry trends, and public outreach strategies.

It's not just cooperation and information-sharing at a policy level; these connections extend to the field and involve staff from both agencies. Our investigators and senior staff members stay in close touch with their Nevada counterparts about issues that cross state lines.

On a national level, we teamed up in late June with contracting boards from around the country, through the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA), to simultaneously conduct undercover sting operations that targeted unlicensed contractors. An article in this issue further details the joint efforts and national media coverage.

CSLB also depends on its partnerships closer to home. As a member of the state's Labor Enforcement Task Force (LETF), CSLB and the Department of Industrial Relations' Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, Department of Insurance, Board of Equalization, and Employment Development Department visit job sites to check for compliance with state license, safety, health, labor, insurance, tax, and employment regulations. In 2014, LETF conducted 613 inspections and found violations at 512 workplaces, or 84 percent of those businesses.

Our Enforcement division staff also has been active in cultivating stronger ties, and establishing new ones with city and county building departments, and district attorney offices.

We value all of our partners and look forward to developing new alliances.


We welcomed two new Board members during the most recent meeting: Governor-appointed Marlo Richardson, a Los Angeles Airport Police Department lieutenant and business entrepreneur from Playa Del Rey; and San Bruno resident David De La Torre, a Bay Area labor union representative. David was first appointed by Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins. Another newcomer (although this was his second meeting) is Johnny Simpson of San Diego, who was appointed earlier this year by the Senate Rules Committee. Mr. Simpson, a wireman by trade, is a longtime officer with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 569. Also, I'm pleased to welcome back Board colleagues Joan Hancock and Frank Schetter, who were both reappointed to new four-year terms by the governor.

The appointments bring our Board up to full strength with 15 members.


We extend our many thanks to outgoing Chair David Dias for his leadership during the previous fiscal year. In particular, Mr. Dias has been at the forefront of CSLB's stepped-up campaign against predatory HVAC contractors. His background in the HVAC industry has been invaluable during CSLB's town hall meetings, his work with industry leaders and regulators, and in getting the word out that CSLB will not tolerate deceptive contractors who cut corners. Mr. Dias also has been an enthusiastic supporter of CSLB's Ambassador Program, which provides materials for C-20 contractors to educate consumers who plan to purchase and install new HVAC units.

You, too, can help CSLB and the construction industry by reporting incidents where you suspect illegal contracting. A form to report violations is available on the CSLB website.


Ed Lang

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