Bullet Item 12/23/2021 New Contracting Laws Come into Play January 1, 2022
Bullet Item 11/05/2021 CSLB Announces New Fee Schedule for 2022
Bullet Item 10/08/2021 New Requirement for C-47 General Manufactured Housing Contractor License
Bullet Item 9/27/2021 Contractor Input Needed for State Understanding of Disability Access Construction
Bullet Item 9/14/2021 Air Resources Board Invites CSLB Licensees to Attend Workgroup on Proposed Amendment for Off-Road Diesel Vehicles
Bullet Item 9/2/2021 CSLB Holds Online BESS Workshop and Answers Frequently Asked BESS Questions [Rescinded October 1, 2021]
Bullet Item 8/12/2021 CSLB Announces Contractor Classifications Authorized to Install Battery Energy Storage Systems [Rescinded October 1, 2021]
Bullet Item 7/29/2021 Fraud Alert: Scammers Pose as CSLB Staff, Demand Money Over Phone
Bullet Item 7/13/2021 Historic First: Three Women Elected to Lead Contractors State License Board
Bullet Item 7/13/2021 CSLB Battery Energy Storage Systems Report Released
Bullet Item 7/01/2021 Certification Requirements for Performing Mechanical Systems Acceptance Tests
Bullet Item 6/07/2021 CSLB Begins Development of 2022-2025 Strategic Plan
Bullet Item 4/30/2021 CSLB Makes New B-2 License Available, First Classification in Over a Decade
Bullet Item 2/02/2021 2021 Edition of California Contractors License Law & Reference Book Now Available
Bullet Item 1/20/2021 CSLB Reopening Test Centers and Public Counters February 1st
Bullet Item 1/20/2021 CSLB Launches Online Payment for Citations
Bullet Item 1/11/2021 Expedited Review of CSLB Contractor License Applications for Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Holders of Special Immigrant Visas Under New Law

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