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CSLB Helps Veterans Transition into Civilian Contractor Careers

Thirty-four veterans already have used CSLB's Veterans Application Assistance Program to help earn their California contractor license, and the door remains open to those who seek a career as a contractor following their military service.

The program, established in December 2012, helps veterans by providing:

In establishing the assistance program, CSLB partnered with the California Military Department to identify specific military job classifications that would meet minimum state licensure experience standards.

If you have questions, believe you qualify for this program, or know someone who may benefit, see the Veterans Application Assistance Program page on CSLB's website.

Properties Needed for Undercover Sting Operations

To catch unlicensed contractors who unlawfully skim business from licensed contractors, CSLB needs residential and commercial properties where sting operations can be conducted. As you know, CSLB's Statewide Investigative Fraud Teams (SWIFT) proactively target those suspected of contracting without a license. Many are identified through online ads, some from industry leads, others from complaints. Investigators pose as homeowners and invite suspected unlicensed individuals to come to the properties to give a project bid. If the bid is over $500, they are arrested and given a Notice to Appear in superior court to answer the misdemeanor charges.

Those who participate may be paid a stipend for the use of their properties.

To participate, contact:

Northern SWIFT (Sacramento) 916.255.2924

Central SWIFT (Fresno) 559.490.0580

Southern SWIFT (Norwalk) 562.345.7600

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